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Meaning of the Names July 11, 2007

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Hello all! This is my first post on this blog (well, my first ever blog, actually). The names I have given to it and to the domain name are both significant, and this first post will explain what they mean.

 First, the domain name, Judged by Him. I’m a simple person and I wanted to use my first name so I would not forget it. Unfortunately, my name is taken. I decided to use my middle name, Danielle, in a roundabout way. Danielle is a derivative of Daniel, which means Judged by God, thus the name. However, I did not choose the name simply because I could remember it. I chose it because that is who I am. I am judged by God. He has judged me, all my sins and good deeds, and found me severely lacking, a perverse and filthy creature. Then my precious Christ came in and took all my terrible deeds upon Himself. I was once again judged, and this time I was found to be clean and white as snow, qualified to spend eternity in heaven with my Savior and my Father. The name Judged by Him means far more to me than three simple words or the meaning of a single name. It is my salvation.

 The name of this blog, Being a Water-Walker, came from a book I am reading. It’s called, “If you Want to Be a Water-Walker, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat” by John Ortberg. I stayed up far too late last night reading because I simply could not put it down! Ortberg uses some of the most vivid illustrations to make things clear. His message is essentially that if you want to do great things for Christ, be a water-walker, you must be willing to put aside your fear and your pride, take action, and get out of the boat.  As a person often inclined to give into fear, this is an especially poignant and blatant truth. I have committed that I will be a water-walker. I want to get out of my boat, leave behind my comforts and face my fear, so that I can step out into the water where Jesus is waiting for me, commanding me, and seeking me to come to Him. Without Him my life is not worth living, so I must live for Him. I must be a water-walker.

 I will hopefully post again soon. Thank-you to Peter for referring me to this blog site through my discovery of his blog.



One Response to “Meaning of the Names”

  1. mercenarysupport Says:

    Hey, welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for all those encouraging comments. Keep us posted on your thoughts. Great apologia (defense/explanation) for the name of the blog and well chosen. I always liked the meaning of my middle name. My middle name is Michael which means “who is like God?”. I love looking at and remembering the meanings of our names.

    I put a link to your blog on my site. I hope you don’t mind.

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