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Best Books List Pt. 1: Fiction July 14, 2007

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I am an avid reader. No, voracious would describe me better. Once I start a book, you’re unlikely to see me without it until I flip the last page. Therefore, I have amassed quite a selection of books that I absolutely love! I’ll start with the fiction section and try to keep it managable.

1) “The Left Behind Series” by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. This is a magnificent series, one of the best I have ever read. The pace is fast, the plot complex, and the events well thought-out. Each book is gripping from start to finish. I was often awake into the wee hours of the morning, unable to put the book down until I finished it.

2) The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. OK, I’ll admit it. I am a Lord of the Rings nut. I’ve read all three books, all four of the appendices, The Silmarillion, and several other resources on the world of Middle Earth. I even tried to learn an Elvish dialect and actually remember some! It was worse a year ago than it is now, but I still have great affection for these books. The writing is not the best (Tolkien was a linguist and not a writer), but the plot is so complex and deep. The spiritual applications and allegories are endless. Every time I read them (three or four times so far) I get something new out of them. Very impressive works; definitely the fantasy epic of the century.

3) “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. It’s hard to classify this as fiction, although it is set fictionally. The truths and teachings in it, although presented in a backwards manner, are so clearly presented that it simply seems like enthralling non-fiction. Lewis gives incredible insight into the way our spiritual enemy thinks, the ways he deceives us. I have a copy that is underlined and dog-eared all over the place and it’s less than a year old yet.

4) Anything by Lori Wick. Alright, so I’m a hopeless romantic! Her Christian romance stories have all purity and present the Gospel clearly as well as showing the characters’ growth in faith. I have not read very many of her works because I only discovered her a few weeks ago. I have read four so far, because that is the most I have access to at camp. I can devour these books! For girls, a definite read. Guys might not be so entertained.

5) The “Door Within” trilogy by Thomas Wayne Batson. These are young adult books that are so simple and easy to read that they are thoroughly delightful. They are a wonderful allegory to Christ’s unchanging love and our final destiny with him. I read them to my siblings and they were hooked from start to finish, begging me to read more! I recommend them to anyone, adult or child.

 6) “Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis. Honestly, how could I not put this on here? I read these when I was six after getting the set for Christmas. It did not take me long because they were so enchanting! Since then, I have read them countless times. I need a new set. The old one is scattered in a thousand places and is so “well-loved” (or tattered) that the books can hardly stay together. If you have not read these books, do it now! Right now! NOW!!!

Despite having only 6 numbers, this is a good collection of books, since many of them are series. I love those!

Peter: I cranked out my last few posts in about fifteen minutes. There was no one waiting for the computer so I had a little more time. I write really fast because the ideas just pour out of my head. If I don’t write them down, *poof* they’re gone! My fingers have learned to fly on this keyboard!



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  1. mercenarysupport Says:

    Lord of the Rings is not the best writing? How can you say that? Admittedly, it reads completely differently from the typical novel, but that is because the Trilogy was never meant to be in the novel genre. Tolkien wrote the Lord of the Rings as a mythological epic, similar in style to Iliad, Aeneid, or Beowulf. The first time I read the series I was wondering how in the world I was supposed to read them, and therefore did not enjoy it all that much. Then after I read the aforementioned books and understood basically how the epic genre works, I read it again and was stunned by the beauty of it’s writing.

    Okay, I admit, I’m a real Tolkien nut as well.

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