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Urgent Request for Prayer October 29, 2007

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I know I already hit y’all with a prayer request earlier, but this is really urgent.

I just found out about ten minutes ago that my pastor, Van Marsceau, and his wife and ten-year-old son were in a car accident last night on their way home. Another car lost control around a turn and slammed into them. My pastor is very sore in his shoulders and arms and has his wrist wrapped, and his son has seatbelt burns.

His wife, Janet, however, is in critical condition! She has a cracked rib and a cracked elbow (they will operate on the elbow on Wednesday). She is bleeding internally and they don’t know where it’s coming from or how to stop it. It might be either the kidney or the spleen. This lady is such a foundation of our church. The definition of a lady, she is a constant presence. I know she is a support for her husband that he would have a hard time dealing without.

On top of all that, we were due to move into our new church building this Sunday. We have been working on this building for almost ten years, saving to build it debt-free and involving the congregation in the building work. We know our ministry will explode when we have our own facility to employ. Apparently Satan knows it, too, and he is doing his best to knock us down. PLEASE pray for us! Pray for God’s will in Janet’s body, and that Satan would not be given satisfaction.

Please pray also for the family of the driver of the other car, a 20-year-old man who was killed. Pray for the passenger of the other car as well. We don’t know gender, age, or anything, but they were seriously injured and are in the hospital now. Pray God would use this to bring them to Him if they are not already His children.

Thank you for your prayers and I will update when I can!



I See that I’m Blind October 28, 2007

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OK, so I can clearly see that I’m blind. That was a fun oxymoron, but really the truth. More are more lately, as huge decisions rest on my ability to accurately determine God’s will for my life, I am faced with the dilemma that I am so humanly blinded to His plan for me.

Just one of many major decisions before me: should I go to Malawi this summer or not? The idea developed literally overnight and took off from there, so it grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. First it was going to be summer 2009, with two other girls. Then we switched to this summer and one of the girls found she could not go. That left me, Krista, and summer 2008 ll by ourselves in God’s hands. I feel like my heart got shipped over there ahead of me! I want to be there. Just envisioning the impact this trip could have on both the people of Malawi and my own heart makes me want to jump on a plane right now and worry about finances and all the details later.

Yet I can’t. How can I possibly jump ahead in this when I don’t know yet if I have God’s approval? I was going to be a counselor at New Life Bible Camp this year, and now that could change. Where does God want me? Malawi, Pennsylvania, or somewhere else altogether? The last thing I want to do is rush forward, dive off the edge of the platform, and plunge into the waters of activity before I even know if God is asking me to take that leap! If I force God’s hand and demand my way, acting as if it’s in His plan, what will the consequences be? I could get sick and not be able to go to college in the fall. Hey, for all I know I could die! It is honestly a dangerous trip. Without God’s approval and hand of protection, more than the failure of a trip is at stake and I fear the consequences.

Yet someone I asked to pray for me responded with this: “I remember something Ron Luce wrote, something like, ‘If you want to go on a missions trip, by all means go, because God already called you to do that during the Great Commission. But if, once you’ve already said that you will go and God says, no, not this time, that’s when you quit the trip.'” That hit me really hard and pointed me towards what I believe is the right way to go with this. I should assume God accepts and approves this, that it is His will, because He did command us to go unto the ends of the earth and teach His Word. That’s what we are doing. What I need to watch for is not a sign telling us we should go; rather, I should look for a sign telling us we should not.

I tend to be brick-headed, and God often takes me and slams me with something even harder than my head in order to make me pay attention. If He needs to tell me “no” about this, He’s probably going to have to do it like that. It’s gonna hurt, whether me or someone else (my dad nearly died once because of my stubbornness against God–ask me sometime). Please pray for me. Pray for my eyes to be opened and my heart to be soft, so that God would be able to tell me His will in the least dramatic way possible. Help me to see His signs and know His will. Please pray for me! Pray for me, pray for Malawi, and pray for, above all, God’s will to be done in me.

Thank you for your prayers! (And if you actually read all the way through that outpouring of helter-skelter emotion, congratulations on your fortitude!)


Appreciation of Gentlemen October 6, 2007

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Today my town had a festival in which I am working a booth, which required me to bring quite a few things to the booth. Since the streets were closed for the event, my mom could only drop me at the top of the street, have my brothers unload for me, and continue to my brother’s baseball game. That left me to carry two crock pots, two large storage bins of cookies, two banners, two cake holders, a grocery basket full paint cans, and a four foot long cooler two hundred yards to the booth. By myself. Ouch!

I resignedly made six trips back and forth to carry all these things to the booth. I made it just fine and even managed the heavy stuff. It was a lot of work, but nothing truly remarkable, except for one thing: in order to get to my booth, I passed three different large church stands where people were setting up for their fundraiser. There were easily ten men at each booth, ranging from the elderly to teenagers. About thirty men, and not one single man offered to help me. Not one! Several older teen boys (young men) sat doing nothing and watched me make my multiple trips from my large pile of stuff to the tent. I was not the only woman in such a predicament, I saw throughout the day, and all I could think as I carried things was, “You are the next generation of Christian men, and you are out here representing Christ to people who have never seen Him. Why aren’t you being gentlemen?” I was honestly not upset or offended, simply saddened.

Now, I write this not to beat up men and lecture you about being gentlemen, chivalrous, and all that. Instead, I a writing to thank you, deeply and with all my heart. While so many men and young men, claiming to be Christians, do nothing to honor ladies and show chivalry, I know that the people who read this blog, and many other men I know, are the best of gentlemen. Because of that, I thank you. Your caliber and quality seem to wither daily in our culture, for many obvious reasons. Therefore, as I witness the heart-breaking lack of honor and gentlemanly behavior from men, I do not condemn or criticize you. Instead, I applaud and encourage you. Thank you so much for being who you are, gentlemen that make the world just a little brighter for ladies. You continually strive to show us Christ’s love and protection through your action. I cannot appreciate or exhort you more truly and deeply.