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Appreciation of Gentlemen October 6, 2007

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Today my town had a festival in which I am working a booth, which required me to bring quite a few things to the booth. Since the streets were closed for the event, my mom could only drop me at the top of the street, have my brothers unload for me, and continue to my brother’s baseball game. That left me to carry two crock pots, two large storage bins of cookies, two banners, two cake holders, a grocery basket full paint cans, and a four foot long cooler two hundred yards to the booth. By myself. Ouch!

I resignedly made six trips back and forth to carry all these things to the booth. I made it just fine and even managed the heavy stuff. It was a lot of work, but nothing truly remarkable, except for one thing: in order to get to my booth, I passed three different large church stands where people were setting up for their fundraiser. There were easily ten men at each booth, ranging from the elderly to teenagers. About thirty men, and not one single man offered to help me. Not one! Several older teen boys (young men) sat doing nothing and watched me make my multiple trips from my large pile of stuff to the tent. I was not the only woman in such a predicament, I saw throughout the day, and all I could think as I carried things was, “You are the next generation of Christian men, and you are out here representing Christ to people who have never seen Him. Why aren’t you being gentlemen?” I was honestly not upset or offended, simply saddened.

Now, I write this not to beat up men and lecture you about being gentlemen, chivalrous, and all that. Instead, I a writing to thank you, deeply and with all my heart. While so many men and young men, claiming to be Christians, do nothing to honor ladies and show chivalry, I know that the people who read this blog, and many other men I know, are the best of gentlemen. Because of that, I thank you. Your caliber and quality seem to wither daily in our culture, for many obvious reasons. Therefore, as I witness the heart-breaking lack of honor and gentlemanly behavior from men, I do not condemn or criticize you. Instead, I applaud and encourage you. Thank you so much for being who you are, gentlemen that make the world just a little brighter for ladies. You continually strive to show us Christ’s love and protection through your action. I cannot appreciate or exhort you more truly and deeply.



3 Responses to “Appreciation of Gentlemen”

  1. Wow. Thanx for that. That is a humbling encouragement for me to continue to pursue biblical masculinity.

    Since I’ve been at Hood, I’ve experienced a very different problem, and that is a woman being offended when I try to be chivalrous and put her first. Apparently she felt belittled when I went out of my way to serve her. (ideology shock)

    Expect a retaliatory blog post soon, assuming I can find the time.

  2. cowgirle Says:

    Hey, that’s really interesting. I’m so glad you posted that, because lately I have really been struggling with the fact that none of the teen boys from my church appear to have any chivalry. I’ve been disgusted and annoyed, but your post reminded me that there are guys out there who are gentlemen!

    You have a much better attitude about it than I had, but mine’s changing!

    Erica (I chanced upon your blog through mercenarysupport’s blog.)

  3. emerhea Says:

    Hey there! This is Lizzy. Sorry emailing and whatnot has been somewhat sporadic. 😛 I’ve been reading your blog for a little while just haven’t had a chance to drop a comment. Everything I’ve read here has been very uplifting and/or thought-provoking. Thank you for using your blog as a means to glorify God!

    I completely echo everything you’ve said in this post. There have been plenty of times, especially on campus and in other like scenarios, that a door closes in my face or every chair is taken and not a single guy offers his seat to any of the many girls standing. Even little things like this make me appreciate so much more the way the majority of my Christian guy friends *excel* at being gentleman. Thank you guys so much for pursuing biblical masculinity and serving us girls so diligently and cheerfully. It means more than you know.

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