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I’m So Excited! November 1, 2007

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Well, first an update on my pastor’s wife. She’s doing well, her elbow surgery was successful and easy, and she has been moved to a regular room. She’s recovering well and we hope she will be able to come home by the end of the week. Thank you for praying!

Now for what I’m so excited about! I am, as some people know, obsessed with writing. Currently I’ve been working on a novel, which is 550 pages long currently–and at its climax! I have been writing this novel for over two years, and as of yesterday I began writing its climax! You have no concept of how excited I am. The sense of accomplishment is euphoric (imagine how it will be when I FINISH the book!). The book has taken a lot of planning and I’ve experienced writer’s block sooooo many times since I started writing it. I’m so happy to have written the climax and be entering the denouement.

So, yeah. Not as spiritually significant as other posts, nor does it have their sorry attempt at philosophical thought, but it’s important to me.


One Response to “I’m So Excited!”

  1. Way kool. I’ve never had the stamina to write any novels, though I’ve tried on numerous occasions. I’m more of a short fairy tale writer, and it is rare that I put one of my story ideas into writing.

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